Cosmetic Dentistry La Grange, KY dentistEven as summer is in full swing, many seniors are day dreaming about their upcoming final year of school.  High school seniors are giddy with anticipation of what their future holds, and eager to be the leaders of their school.  College seniors are ready to venture out into the world with a head full of knowledge and hopes of landing their dream job.  Whatever path you find yourself on, our Crestwood, KY dentist and staff is proud of the hard work and commitment you’ve made.  So, what’s next after school?  Will you go on to college or line up an apprenticeship for a trade?  Are you taking time off to travel, or a year or so off to earn money before heading out on your own?  Regardless of your plans, the bigger question is…how will you make a good first impression?

First impressions at an interview

When you prepare to head out into the workforce it is important to present yourself in a manner that reflects well upon you.  This means being properly dressed; a suit for some, pressed slacks and a clean shirt for others.  Know your audience and consider what might go through the interviewers mind when you first walk through their doors.  Walk with confidence and a smile and always have a good handshake ready to go.  Eye contact is another must.  Practice with a peer if you tend to shy away from people until you feel comfortable.  A first impression often makes or breaks an interview, and you’ve worked hard to be here.

What kind of first impression does your smile make?

Part of your interview package is your smile.  Are you approachable and welcoming?  Will patients or customers respond well to you?  Does it look like you want to be here?  These are all thoughts that your future boss considers.  A great smile, kept in good health by our Crestwood, KY dentist is a perfect place to start.  However, if you feel your smile needs improvement, help is just a phone call away.

Cosmetic dentistry and a new smile

You still have plenty of time to get the smile you want to show off.  Our Crestwood, KY dentist cosmetic dentistry services consist of a variety of ways to improve your smile.  From teeth whitening to veneers, and same day crowns to an entire smile makeover, we’re sure to create a dazzling smile that will wow your audience the first day on the job.  More information regarding our cosmetic dentistry options are available on our website and Facebook page.

Set yourself up for success by making sure your smile and presentation of yourself compliment the work you’ve put in to achieve where you are now.  Consider it a present for all the drive and determination you’ve put forth in your schooling.  Our Crestwood, KY dentist and staff know you’ll have a wonderful senior year and look forward to learning about your accomplishments.