Root Canal Therapy La Grange, KY dentist

Any time one of our Crestwood, KY dentist patients experiences tooth pain, we know you want a fast solution.  A toothache in a permanent tooth is a sign of a problem and painful to live with.  It could be an infection or a tooth that has been cracked.  It may be due to an injury.  A cavity is one possibility, as well.  When decay eats away at the enamel and gets into the interior area of the tooth, the pain level intensifies.  Regardless of the pain, if you ignore the problem, it will only get worse.  For our topic today, we’re taking a look at root canals and offering a brief insight into the procedure.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

When your tooth hurts, the first step is to determine the cause.  Our Crestwood, KY dentist examines the tooth, takes X-Rays, and may even use a digital camera to explore the area.  If decay is present, we’ll numb the area if necessary and then remove the decay.  The pain you experience as a result of your root canal issue is due to the decay eating away at the nerves inside your tooth and root canal.  The procedure removes this bacteria and decay so that the nerve and soft tissues of the tooth can heal.

Eliminating the pain

Once the decay is removed, the area is sealed.  This prevents a repeat of the tooth becoming infected or damaged again.  The process of removing the decay is just like having a cavity removed before the filling is put in place.  When the decay is gone, the nerve has a chance to heal, thus relieving you of your pain.  Our Crestwood, KY dentist uses only the latest technology and equipment in dentistry so that you don’t feel a thing throughout the procedure.

Next Steps

If dental pulp or dentin is removed to clear the tooth of decay, the tooth may become weak.  To prevent the tooth from cracking, our Crestwood, KY dentist may fit you for a crown.  A dental crown covers the entire visible portion of the tooth.  It looks just like your natural teeth, but give your tooth the support it needs to remain healthy.

Do I really need a root canal procedure?

If you have a deep cavity that involves the root of your tooth, then a root canal procedure is one of your best options.  The procedure allows the tooth to be saved so that a synthetic tooth or dental implant is unnecessary.  At our Crestwood, KY dentist office, we do everything we can to save a tooth before looking toward other replacement options.

When our patients need help with a tooth ache, we are here to help.  We have a variety of services which you can explore in brief on our Facebook page, or simply give our office a call.  Let us help you keep your teeth healthy and eliminate any pain you are currently experiencing.