Dental Sealants La Grange, KY dentistHappy Halloween from your Crestwood, KY dentist team!  We know many of you are gearing up for a night of tricks and treats and wish you a safe, fun time.  Halloween is one of the oldest holidays and truly a great time for laughter and entertainment.  While customs vary from city to city, one constant remains the same: candy!  So, we would be remiss to let the day go by without reminding you and your children about your oral health.

National Dental Hygiene Month

Make no mistake, Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween all squeeze into the month of October.  It’s a great way to remind our Crestwood, KY dentist patients about the importance of good oral health.  We’ve celebrated Dental Hygiene this entire month so that hopefully, you’ll remember to make your smile a priority when Halloween rolls around.  Protect your teeth by brushing and flossing, visiting our office for your regular check-ups, and by considering dental sealants.  Sealants are a great way to protect teeth from tooth decay.

Dentists and Candy

Most dentists will tell you to stay away from candy altogether.  Yet, our Crestwood, KY dentist understands that this is hard advice to swallow.  Instead, we ask you to be smart about your oral health.  We recommend brushing twice each day and flossing, but when sweet treats are involved, take the time to brush again.  Sugar and other foods that break down into sugar like to make their home on your teeth.  If you don’t brush after consuming these items, the sugars will begin to damage your enamel, thus causing tooth decay and cavities.  So rather than tempt you by telling you not to eat any candy, we’d prefer you treat yourself and then brush away the evidence.  This way, you’ll avoid having a jack-o-lantern smile with rotted out teeth.

Have a Safe Halloween Holiday

With so many young children and boisterous teens about tonight, make sure you drive with caution.  Other safety tips include checking candy, chaperoning young children, making sure your children are visible, and, you guessed it…brushing and flossing.  Your oral health plays a big role in the overall health of your body.  By practicing good hygiene techniques, you can keep yourself safe from cavities and gum disease.

Visit our Facebook page if you would like more oral hygiene tips and be sure to have a safe, healthy, and fun time this Halloween.  We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any oral health questions and look forward to hearing about all of the tricks and treats!