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As the clock gets closer to midnight and New Years’ revelers ring in 2019, it will be easy to get caught up in the celebration.  Yet, once the ball drops, its business as usual and we do our best to keep our resolutions.  As a dentist La Crestwood residents trust for their cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry needs, let us offer some advice for a new resolution.  In our experience, many people don’t take full advantage of their dental insurance benefits.  So in the New Year, we suggest adding a visit or two to our Crestwood, KY dentist to your New Year’s resolution list.

What does your dental insurance policy cover?

Policies differ for everyone, but traditional basic policies usually include two dental exams a year.  The policy also typically includes X-Rays once a year and a fluoride treatment.  The basic dental insurance plans have been developed to cover mouths that are already healthy and these preventative dental procedures do just that.  So, what happens when you need more than just the basic coverage? 

Savings plans

If you have a cavity, traditional plans will cover all or a portion of an amalgam filling.  Unfortunately, these silver fillings are noticeable.  If you’d rather keep your smile looking great, talk with our Crestwood, KY dentist staff about your options.  We can work with your dental insurance company to determine what coverage is available to you.  Another option that is worth looking into is a HSA or FSA.  You may be able to use your health savings plan for restorative dental work and white composite fillings.  Our white composite fillings blend naturally with your great smile.

Don’t leave money on the table

With only a few days left in the year, you may not have a chance to utilize your benefits.  However, many policies have different dates and if you don’t know yours, it may be worth a phone call.  If your coverage does reset at midnight on New Year’s Eve, don’t worry.  The New Year is about making resolutions and sticking with them.  Resolve to visit our Crestwood, KY dentist twice this upcoming year and use your health savings plan to keep your smile looking fantastic.  You may just be surprised at what we can do for you and the help we can provide you when it comes to understanding your dental insurance.


Follow us on Facebook for more updates and oral health tips.  We want you and your family to have a fabulous New Year and can’t wait to help you get the smile you want.  Happy New Year!