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As a dentist Crestwood, KY patients trust for their cosmetic dentistry and oral hygiene needs, we often get asked about flossing and brushing.  It only takes a cavity or two for a patient to see that they may need to rethink their hygiene regimen.  Flossing and brushing is not a difficult task, but it is important to do it right each time.  When done correctly, you avoid cavities; keeping your smile looking its best year after year.

How often do you brush?

Brushing your teeth is a daily habit that is necessary in order to fulfill your oral hygiene needs.  Floss once every day; more if necessary.  Flossing removes bacteria and food particles from your gums and teeth.  Brushing needs to happen twice each day and for 2 minutes each session.  Along with brushing and flossing at home, we recommend you visit our Crestwood, KY dentist two times every year for a professional cleaning.

Do you have the right tools for your teeth?

The American Dental Association suggests that we replace our toothbrushes every 3 or 4 months.  This is so that all bristles stay in working order.  It also keeps germs and viruses from making themselves at home.  If you feel like the flu virus or common cold is circling your home from person to person, it may just be because an old toothbrush is harboring germs. 

Flossers, string floss, and water flossers should be available to everyone, as well.  Flossing is a necessary part of caring for your oral hygiene needs.  It prevents halitosis, or bad breath; cleans your teeth, and keeps your gums in good health.

Remember to clean your tongue

The last item to add into your hygiene routine is the tongue.  Brush your tongue after you’ve finished brushing your teeth or you can use a tongue scraper.  Cleaning the tongue helps remove bacteria from your mouth eliminating bad breath.  If you want your oral health to remain in good shape, this is one step to add into your regimen.

Our Crestwood, KY dentist and staff want you to have the best oral health possible along with a great smile.  We’re always here to help you practice the right techniques and can demonstrate areas that might need some extra attention.  Our Facebook page has topics regarding our services or we can talk about brushing and flossing at your next appointment.  Keep up the great habits and happy smiles to you all!