Mouthguards La Grange, KY dentist

Youth take to the fields all over the state every year for various sports. Spring leagues are typically softball, baseball, soccer, and track events; each sport fun in their own right.  When the competitive juices start flowing it’s great fun to watch your children develop.  Sports for young athletes are a chance to learn lifelong skills such as teamwork, dedication, and fitness.  

As parents, we love watching our little ones suit up.  But, as fun as it is, you should also be mindful of your child’s safety.  Make sure they wear the right equipment so they can protect their growing bones and even their smile.  As the dentist Crestwood, KY families trust for their cosmetic dentistry needs; know that we also care for young smiles.  Talk with us about how important a mouthguard can be for your child.

Should my child wear a mouthguard?

Not all sports require a mouthguard, and the uniforms and equipment vary from sport to sport and league to league.  Take control of your child’s wellness and require them to wear a mouthguard.  A stray ball or quick elbow to the face can knock out a tooth, thus posing bigger oral health problems for your child down the road.  A mouthguard reduces the impact, keeps teeth safe and even prevents soft tissue injuries.

My child doesn’t play a contact sport; do they still need a mouthguard?

A mouthguard can benefit anyone during any physical sport activity.  It can be especially important if your child clenches their teeth or jaw.  Racing a bike or skateboarding still has the potential for accidents and a mouthguard can protect their smile.  Clenched teeth at the height of competition damage bone and cartilage and causes premature wear of enamel.  Mouthguards provide a cushion for your smile and jaw and protect teeth and soft tissue from harm.

Safety Equipment for Sports

This spring, 25 million children will be involved in some sort of activity.  Take the time to talk with our Crestwood, KY dentist about your child’s activity and their oral health.  We can discuss various types of mouthguards and even fit your child with a customized mouthguard for optimal protection. Proper equipment keeps your children safe and reduces the need for extensive restorative or cosmetic dentistry down the road. 


If you have questions or concerns about whether or not a mouthguard is the right option for your child and their activities, call us.  Join us on Facebook for up to date information on all oral health topics, as well.  Our Crestwood, KY dentist wants the best protection for your child’s smile and we look forward to ensuring their oral health is in great condition so they can enjoy their season.