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As we welcome autumn, our Crestwood KY dentist wants to remind you how important it is to keep hydrated, be proactive with dental hygiene, and health safety. With the transition from summer vacation to busy fall schedules, it’s easy for your self-care regimens to fall in the cracks. Your oral and overall health routines are vital to your body running smoothly. Here are a few ways to transition into the new season smoothly while keeping your oral health in check.


Did you know that your body is made up of almost 94% water? For everything in your body to work properly, staying hydrated is key. We need consistent water for survival and for general bodily functions. While in your mouth, water helps clear stuck food particles. Once it enters your digestive tract, it gives you a better sense of hunger or satisfaction, as well as aiding in the entire digestive process. When our bodies are hydrated properly, we will naturally produce enough saliva to digest our food. When they are dehydrated, we allow plaque to build up on our teeth, which can lead to gum disease. Choosing alcohol instead of water will prevent your kidneys from absorbing the water you drink, which will dehydrate you further. Beer, wine, or liquor and mixer concoctions are typically high in sugar and can add to plaque. Choose water… your smile will thank you!


Summer was a fantastic time to head to the river, go camping, or on a vacation. Many of the typical food and snack options for outdoor adventures and road trips can be tasty, like s’mores, bars, and popcorn, they can wreak havoc on your teeth if you’re not taking proper care. Remember to brush more often if you opt for the sugary stuff or if there are caught food particles. A weekend away from your toothbrush is a great opportunity for cavities to make a move. Add a travel toothbrush and flossers to your go-bag to keep your oral health in check, no matter what kind of adventure you embark on. Our Crestwood KY dentist may even have a spare toothbrush for you to pick up during your next visit. Two minutes per session is not long to keep your smile happy. 


Your overall health and safety are just as important to your smile as drinking water, brushing, and flossing. Safety around water is especially vital to have a good grasp on since a trip or fall around the pool or river can lead to chips or more serious dental damage. The weather is perfect for a bike ride or pickup baseball game. Be sure to wear proper headgear or mouthguards to protect your head and teeth. Accidents happen, but your awareness can make a huge difference between a close call and an emergency call to the dentist

It’s a great opportunity to re-establish your oral health regimen, while you have the best of both summer and autumn sunshine and weather. Get into the habit of drinking water, even when you’re not sweating from direct sun or humidity. Your body still needs it, even if you can’t see it leave your body. Remember to brush and floss regularly. Your smile will look extra white against the falling leaves. Protect your head and be aware of your surroundings. Our Facebook page can keep you plugged in with any other dental tips until your next visit. See you then!