Cosmetic dentistry is one of the dental specialties that are increasingly in demand. Some of the most requested treatments in this field are dental veneers or teeth whitening. If you are not familiar with this term, cosmetic dentistry refers to a specialty of the same aimed at solving problems related to oral health and its aesthetics. Dental aesthetics tries to improve the smile. It is responsible for improving the image or color of the teeth. In this article we together will solve some frequently asked questions regarding dental implants or cosmetic dentistry Crestwood, KY.

Why are dental absences important?

The loss of one or more teeth causes a number of health risks. The teeth around the gap often change their position to occupy the space left by missing teeth. People who have lost a tooth also tend to have bite problems and an increased risk of cavities, due to poor oral hygiene. But the main drawback of a dental absence is its aesthetic impact and on the self-esteem of the person with this problem. In a society that increasingly values the youthful appearance of a person, here a jagged smile is associated with low socioeconomic status.

In this scenario, a person can think of availing invisible dental implants treatment by his dentist at Crestwood Dental Group. In this process, dental braces are made of crystal clear polyurethane resins. Thus, offering you complete satisfaction, self-esteem and reliability.

An implant and not a dental bridge

The implants cling to the bone of the maxilla or jaw of the patient, like the roots of natural teeth. This characteristic differentiates them from removable dentures, which adhere to the gum or dental bridges, which are attached to adjacent teeth and placed over the gap. Teeth integration allows the patient to eat, laugh and talk with total normality, without fear that their prosthesis will move or fall off. In fact, many patients even forget that they have a dental implant.

Good dental implants are made with materials that have passed through strict clinical safety, quality and hygiene protocols. To place them in the patient’s mouth, they require a surgical intervention, for which it is necessary not only a team, but also cutting-edge technology rooms and equipment for the correct diagnosis and treatment of patients. All of this means that dental implants are considered one of the most expensive dental treatments for many patients. Some dental clinics have entered a price war with deep discounts, which usually hide a reduction in the quality of the materials, equipment or professionals that are necessary for a good dental implant. However, dental implant is safe, genuine and affordable.

Comes with the guarantee

A dental implant is a dental treatment that if carried out properly and the patient is involved in its hygiene and maintenance, is very difficult for it to get lost in the mouth. Even so, the best dental clinics in Crestwood, KY offer a guarantee period of several years, for cases in which there have been complications and unforeseen events.