When one or more teeth need to be replaced, consider a dental bridge. Crestwood Dental Group is dedicated to providing our patients with the smile they deserve and offer a wide variety of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to make that happen.

What is a bridge?
A dental bridge is typically comprised of one or more teeth made of synthetic materials which resemble your natural teeth. Metal alloys are also available as an alternative, but for cosmetic purposes, our La Grange, KY dentist recommends the composite resin material for the crown so that your smile is not altered.
What to expect

In order to fit you for a dental bridge, we use an impression of your mouth as well as X-rays and digital cameras to construct the dental device that will most closely resemble your natural smile. After we talk with you about our recommendations in correcting your smile, we’ll send the impression and information to our lab where your bridge will be designed.

The area will be prepared to hold your bridge. In some cases a dental implant will be placed so that the bridge is secure once fitted.

Do I Need a Bridge?
When one or more teeth are missing, it can affect your bite. The empty space in your smile causes your remaining teeth to move into that area. The result is a misaligned bite. This leads to TMJ issues and wearing down of the existing teeth faster than normal. Additionally, bones will shrink changing the appearance of your face and smile.
Where do I start?

To know if you should get a bridge, its best to first consult with our La Grange, KY dentist for a professional opinion. Our staff will review your situation and lay out a treatment plan and steps to achieve a great smile.

Crestwood Dental Group has nearly two decades of experience fitting Crestwood, Pewee Valley, La Grange, and Buckner patients with dental bridges. You can be sure that we are dedicated to working hard so that your smile is the best that it can be.

Taking Care of your Bridge

A bridge requires a bit more care so that detachment and discoloration don’t become a problem.  For the most part, a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene will keep your bridgework looking fantastic.  Refrain from eating foods that may damage your dental work and brush and floss your teeth as instructed by our La Grange, KY dentist and the American Dental Association.  Regular dental exams, twice a year, are also important aspects of care.

Dental exams allow our team to determine if the bridge requires any adjustments and to ensure it is working in good order.  We’ll examine your bite, the dental work, and your overall oral health during your visit and make any necessary changes to your oral treatment plan if it is essential.

If you are ready to repair your smile and get it back to the way it once was, give our friendly staff at Crestwood Dental Group a call.  Our knowledgeable team is available at (502)241-9407 and ready to answer any questions you may have. We have a convenient location in Crestwood, KY for all of our Buckner, La Grange, and Pewee Valley families.