Our staff at Crestwood Dental Group proudly uses intraoral cameras for detecting oral issues in their earliest stages. Advancements in dental technology continue to give us great tools that help us give our patients the best in oral care. Intraoral cameras allow us pristine views with unequivocal detail.

What is an intraoral camera?
Intraoral cameras are digital cameras that look like a pen. Its size allows our La Grange, KY dentist to easily navigate the oral cavity. It’s clear, real-time images help us find areas that may lead to decay or other oral health issues. An LED light is attached to the camera, further increasing the clarity of the images. The camera relays the images to a computer where we can instantly capture the image.
Intraoral Camera Advantages

Instant Results:  The digital technology associated with intraoral cameras allows us to view immediate images of your oral cavity.

Precision:  The ease of use and mobility of the intraoral camera produces high-quality images of your oral cavity.  Files can be stored and referenced quickly.

Referrals:  If you need to see a specialist for services not available in our office, we can instantly share your digital images, per your consent.

Easier planning: The detailed images of these cameras makes identifying a treatment plan more exacting.  The results are efficient planning and timely resolutions.