• Prosthodontics

  • What is prosthodontics?

    Crestwood Dental Group addresses these areas as a whole connected region to determine the potential causes and appropriate treatment of what is ailing you. Our process includes:

    • diagnosing the issue
    • planning treatment
    • establishing an appropriate rehabilitation routine
    • determining how to maintain oral functionality
    • managing comfort
    • addressing oral appearance
    • restoring and maintaining health and wellness
    • Why do I need prosthodontic care?


    Why do I need prosthodontic care?

    When the conditions of your teeth, jaws, face and any oral tissues are compromised you may wish to seek a prosthodontic assessment.  

    Teeth may be missing or impaired due to an accident, poor oral hygiene and habits over the years, or certain genetic issues. Oral and maxillofacial - or jaw and face - tissues may need prosthodontic treatment for the same reasons.

    If you believe that something needs to be replaced in your mouth, a prosthodontist is the specialized dentist you want to speak with to take care of your issue.  

    What are some prosthodontic treatments?

    There are many ways a prosthodontist may want to address your situation. Some treatments and procedures include:

    • bridges
    • crowns
    • dental implants
    • dental surgery
    • dentures
    • fixed implant bridges
    • inlays and onlays
    • removable partial dentures
    • temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

    Crestwood, Buckner, Pewee Valley, La Grange, and surrounding communities have been trusting Crestwood Dental Group for over 17 years to treat all kinds of prosthodontic issues.

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