We proudly offer the most comfortable experience possible to patients undergoing root canal therapy by utilizing rotary endodontics. These state of the art dental tools eliminate the need for harsh files and stainless-steel instruments. Instead, at Crestwood Dental we use rotary endodontics because of their amazing capabilities.

The instruments that we use employ electrically-powered technology, nickel titanium-tipped tools, and flexible material. These features allow us to more precisely navigate the microscopic interiors of your tooth. The tool’s flexibility allows our La Grange, KY dentist to expertly maneuver the root canal without fear of stretching or damaging the passageway.

Our Crestwood and surrounding neighbors no longer need to fear getting a root canal. The ease of use and advanced technology make root canal therapy painless and efficient.

The benefits of using rotary endodontics

The advanced technology that rotary endodontics allows our teams means patients experience a quicker procedure with less noise.


Nickel titanium tips provide a smooth and consistent way for ridding the root canal of decay.


Procedures using rotary endodontic tools have fewer complications and are more reliable and efficient.


The material that makes up the tools ensures a quieter experience. Thus, our La Grange, KY dentist patients feel more at ease and experience less anxiety.


The flexibility of the tools and ease of use mean less time in the chair and a more efficient procedure.

IF you would like to learn more about our rotary endodontics, just give us a call at (502) 241-9407. We are proud in our capability to offer this solution to our Crestwood families.