Root canal treatment is very common procedure opted in the filed of dentistry from years together, to treat the infected tooth. People living around you come across this word quite often or you have heard that people have undergone this procedure to save the tooth under the expertise supervision of dentist known as endodontist. It is quite obvious that people suffering from pain in tooth or sensitivity may reach the dentist and after thorough investigation they were prescribed root canal therapy, and most of the times people get afraid!

Why, when and what sort of therapy is this, will it cause pain and many others things start coming in their minds, and for correct answer for the raised queries we need an experts who rues this field from decades and the answer is Crestwood Dental Group.

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Crestwood Dental Group Family Dentistry’s main manifesto is to cure dental troubles with supreme precision and eagerness. The Crestwood Dental Group team members are highly trained, well qualified dentist who can work under extreme circumstances, trained to handle any sort of emergencies, with the equanimity and passion. The dentist team will explain you about the term root in the canal and their benefits before performing the procedure.

Root canal therapy is the procedure to remove the diseased pulp from the root canal in the tooth, pulp is the tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves that fill your tooth roots, which establish your tooth to your gums and jawbones. Root canal therapy procedure removes the pain creating bacteria from the inner tissues of the tooth and reinstates the health of the tooth.

If the pulp of the diseased tooth is not treated on time than this may cause severe damage to the surrounding teeth and the gum region, may give rise to the swelling and abscess thus maintain the pain to extreme proportion. Before opting root canal treatment proper consultation is done followed by clinical examination followed by digital imaging which gives the precise condition till where disease have been progressed. Medicines administration is done in few cases before treatment to reduce the pain and infection.

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Anesthesia is given once you sit on the dental chair to give you pain free therapy. After the completing the procedure, proper instruction will be provided to the patient what to eat and how to take care of the tooth. Regular dental checkups are needed to avoid for further complication, proper care includes brushing and flossing, having a balanced diet, skipping sugary food, smoking and alcohol, drinking plenty of water and having fresh fruits is the best way to avoid further decaying of tooth. Whenever you feel pain or discomfort while eating or chewing, dental cap breaks or there is swelling around the treated tooth immediate dental visit is required.

Having the root canal therapy is the best option to treat the infected tooth rather than replacing with the new dental implant as its quite costly when it comes to implant and restoring the original is the relatively good option. Crestwood Dental Group gives you marvelous dental services under the clean hygienic eco-friendly ambiance to recreate harmony within your mouth and mind.