If you anticipate your baby’s toothless smile is adorable, just wait until their first few teeth make an arrival. The newborn 20 primary teeth are already present in the jaws at birth and typically begin to appear when a baby is between 6 months and 1 year. Most of the children have a full set of 20 primary teeth by the time they are 3. Every individual child is incompatible, but generally the first teeth to come in are stationed in the top and bottom front of their mouth.

When teeth first come in most of the times many kids suffer from sore or tender gums with some irritableness which may be followed by diarrhea. Smoothly rubbing your child’s gums with a clean finger or with a cotton swab wet with small amount of water can be very pacifying. One can also provide the baby a clean teething ring to chew on. If the irritableness or pain is still persists and child is very much cranky consult your dentist. Crestwood Dental Group is there to fulfill all your dental needs under one roof from last many years with their highly experienced team of dentist who can guide you for all sorts of the dental issues you face.

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Primary teeth are very key role to your child’s health milestone and development. They help them to chew, talk and smile. They also hold space in the jaws for permanent teeth that are growing under the gums. When a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent teeth can accumulate into the empty space and make it difficult for other adult teeth to find space when they arrive. This can make teeth deformed or misaligned. This is the main reason why starting infants off with good oral care and good oral hygiene can help protect their teeth for eras to come.

When your child’s first dental visit, Crestwood Dental Group dentist will discuss with you your child’s oral health, and the steps you need to take to make sure that they remain healthy. This is said to be the most important part of this visit, although, helping your child get to know and feel comfortable with our dental team and creating the bound. During the child’s first appointment at Crestwood dental group is friendly, advisable and comfortable; it builds trust and helps your child feel comfortable like home during future visits. Children should also be encouraged to discuss any fear or anxiety that they feel.

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Our dentist will provide you with information and instructions on how to care for your child’s oral health, like proper brushing and flossing, how to deal with oral habits such as thumb sucking, oral health and diet, how to care for soft tissues such as cheeks, gums, etc. and risk of having cavities

The schematic schedule of  regular follow up visits is maintained so that our dentist can continue monitoring your child’s oral health, growth, and development, and check for dental problems id they persist or going to create problems in future. During every appointment, dentist will examine your child’s teeth and gums to check for decay and other problems, and provide a dental cleaning in a very healthy atmosphere making the child comfortable so that their no hindrance created in future visit and feel like home.