At Crestwood Dental Group, our La Grange, KY dentist uses bonds to correct a variety of cosmetic dental issues. A gap between teeth, a tooth that is cracked or decayed, or even a misshaped tooth can be repaired with a simple procedure. Dental bonds are applied directly to the tooth and can enhance and improve your smile in as little as one visit.

What is a dental bond?
A dental bond is a composite resin that is applied to the surface of a tooth. The resin is matched to the color of your existing enamel so that it blends seamlessly into your smile. The material is molded and shaped by our La Grange, KY dentist and then cured using a special light. Once the resin has hardened, it is permanently attached to the tooth.
Why should I get dental bonds?
One of the fastest ways to aesthetically enhance your smile is with bonds. If you have a chipped tooth or a small gap between your teeth, a bond is an instant fix. Bonds are another alternative to teeth whitening options when stains are too difficult to remove from the enamel.
What care is required for dental bonds?
We want to make sure your bond lasts as long as possible so your smile continues to look great. Caring for your dental bonds keeps them in good shape. Practice a good oral hygiene routine, visit our La Grange, KY dentist regularly, and eat and drink items that won’t damage or stain your teeth.
Regular Dental Checkups
A visit to Crestwood Dental Group two times each year ensures your dental bonds are properly performing. A professional cleaning and dental exam allows us to keep your mouth and dental bonds healthy. We look for premature wear and tear of the bond and make adjustments when necessary. This helps your teeth stay strong and your smile looking great.
Brush and Floss
Routine brushing and flossing are essential for a good smile. Brush your teeth two times every day in order to remove plaque and bacteria so that gum disease and tooth decay are avoided. Flossing removes plaque from the hard to reach places in your mouth. Develop a proper oral hygiene routine to keep your bonds in the best shape.
Diet and Nutrition

A healthy diet and plenty of water keeps your teeth and oral health in the best condition. Choose foods that won’t damage your bonds and drinks that won’t stain your teeth. Talk with our La Grange, KY dentist team about the nutritional aspects of your diet. Nutrition plays an important role in your smile.

If you want to see if a dental bond is right for your smile, call Crestwood Dental Group at (502) 241-9407 to schedule an appointment. We are happy to answer all of your questions and to discuss your expectations.

Your new smile may just be one phone call and a quick appointment away!