If all or some of your natural teeth are missing, our La Grange, KY dentist may suggest dentures to restore your mouth to its full functionality while improving your smile at the same time.

You don’t have to look far to get the best professional denture care in Crestwood, KY. We’ve treated patients from all over Crestwood, La Grange, Buckner, and Pewee Valley and look forward to helping you gain back your smile with dentures.

What are dentures?
Dentures are synthetic teeth designed to match your existing teeth and natural smile. The teeth are attached to a base made out of plastic and help your mouth retain its function. Additionally, dentures keep the structural integrity of your face in good health by supporting your lips and cheeks; decreasing the chances of muscle deterioration.
What are the types of dentures offered?
Typically, dentures are either complete or partial. Complete dentures are a replacement for all of your teeth while partial dentures are a solution when only a few teeth are absent. Dentures are recommended as a cosmetic or restorative dentistry option only once our La Grange, KY dentist has evaluated your unique situation. At your appointment, you may hear about the following types of dentures:

Conventional Complete Dentures

Conventional complete dentures are a full set of teeth for your upper and lower jaws. In most situations, the use of conventional complete dentures is for patients who have no teeth or will have no teeth. Our La Grange, KY dentist may find it necessary to extract your remaining teeth so that the conventional complete denture will work. These dentures are removable and help you regain the function of your mouth.
Implant-Supported Complete Dentures
These dentures replace all of your teeth, similarly to conventional complete dentures. However, implant-supported complete dentures are held in place with dental implants. This allows for your dentures to be more stable and won’t fall out unexpectedly.
Immediate Dentures
Immediate dentures are placed immediately after removing any remaining teeth. While other complete dentures require your gums to first heal from any extractions before inserting, this style of dentures can be implemented as soon as a tooth or teeth have been removed.
Partial Dentures
Partial dentures are for any of our La Grange, KY dentist patients who have only a few missing teeth. They require other teeth in order to remain in place. Partial dentures have synthetic teeth affixed to a plastic base which attaches to your existing teeth.
How should I care for my dentures?

Dentures are delicate in nature and need special care so that they don’t break. They should be handled with care at all times. When you receive your dentures, our knowledgeable team will discuss proper handling and cleaning instructions with you before you leave. Our advice will include:

Proper storage: Dentures can dry out and lose their shape. Store your dentures in room-temperature water and keep them away from children and pets.

Cleaning techniques: Dentures require special care when cleaning. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a cleanser specifically for dentures. Rinse the appliance thoroughly before storing or reinserting into your mouth.
Nutrition: Some foods may be off limits to you when you wear dentures. Food items like candy, ice, and nuts can damage your dentures.
Dental exams: We recommend regularly scheduled appointments every six months to check on the longevity of your dentures and oral cavity.

Should I get dentures?
Our dentistry services offer a wide range of options for improving your smile. When your teeth are missing, dentures may be the right solution for you. We work some of the industry’s best labs to create the perfect dentures and smile for you. If you’d like to explore your options or discuss how dentures can help your smile, simply give us a call today. Call Crestwood Dental Group at (502) 241-9407 to get started on your new smile!