Get your smile on track with our CEREC same day crowns. A CEREC crown restores a tooth in one day so that your smile can continue to shine.

Our team at Crestwood Dental Group has been professionally certified in order to fit you with a CEREC crown. In one visit, a tooth that is compromised can be restored. We use state of the art equipment to bring this cosmetic dental service to our patients in Crestwood, Pewee Valley, La Grange, and Buckner. Don’t let a broken tooth effect your life; call on our La Grange, KY dentist to fix your smile.

What is a CEREC same day crown?
The dental technology that a CEREC machine brings to our practice means our patients can have an amazing smile in as little as one day. The machine creates crowns in our office so that you don’t have to wait for a full or partial crown to be made in a lab off site.
The advantages of a CEREC same day crown
There are a great number of benefits in getting a same day crown. If you are considering a CEREC same day dental crown, consider these great advantages: Design: The advanced technology associated with a CEREC same day crown produces a better crown than other methods. Convenience: Have the convenience of getting a crown the same day as your appointment. CEREC same day crowns are designed and created in the comfort of our office and fitted in one day. Time: CEREC technology allows our team to quickly fit you with your new crown and decreases the time spent on making adjustments. Clean and precise: The CEREC machine uses digital technology to scan and design your crown. This eliminates the need for a messy impression and creates a perfect fit every time.
How do I care for my CEREC same day crown?

The strong material used for our La Grange, KY dentist CEREC same day crowns can withstand your normal daily activities.  However, proper care is essential to ensuring your same day crown functions correctly. Hygiene, nutrition, and regular dental exams are necessary for the best results.

Oral Hygiene
Bacteria and plaque can form on your CEREC same day crown as easily as it does on your normal teeth. Don’t compromise your health or smile by neglecting your oral health. Brush two times a day and floss regularly to avoid gingivitis and cavities.
Many foods and beverages can stain your teeth. Most crowns are designed to blend in with your smiles, matching with your natural enamel color. Stay clear of items that will stain your teeth or damage the crown. Talk with our La Grange, KY dentist if you have any questions about your nutrition and oral health.
Dental Exams

CEREC same day dental crowns use advanced dental technology to create a nearly perfect fit.  However, if a crown is bothering you or needs an adjustment, regular dental exams twice a year can ensure the crown continues to function as it should.

Call Crestwood Dental Group at (502) 241-9407 with your questions about our CEREC same day dental crown services.   We are happy to provide you with the information you need to improve your smile. We also invite you to visit for additional information.

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